Post-Partum Depression

After the birth of a baby, women experience a dramatic hormonal shift that can trigger prolonged severe symptoms such as depression, anxiety, strange thoughts, loss of interest, and feelings of guilt or worthlessness.  If these symptoms persist beyond the initial week of baby blues, it can become a very serious, even debilitating condition for new mothers.  Gianna doctors specialize in the management of post-partum depression, using conventional supportive measures.  In addition to the usual treatment options, however, they also use bio-identical progesterone to alleviate the symptoms caused by the drop in progesterone after delivery.  Symptoms can improve dramatically and quickly after even a single dose of progesterone.

Patients interested in talking with a Gianna doctor about any of the symptoms they may be experiencing after the birth of their baby are encouraged to schedule an initial consultation at their local Gianna Center.  For patients who do not have access to a Gianna Center in their community, several Gianna affiliates offer remote consultations by phone.