Christine’s Experience as a Creighton Model Practitioner


How did you first learn about the Creighton Method, and what was your reaction to it?

I have used the system for almost seven years now.  My husband and I knew we wanted a natural system, so we met with a practitioner who shared the Creighton Model with us.  It wasn’t until a few months into marriage that we were trying to start a family and found ourselves struggling to conceive about a year later.  Before I was able to meet with a NaPro trained doctor (there wasn’t one in our area), I went to the only facility in our area to see if they could assist in finding the cause of our infertility.  However, the facility only promoted IVF.  It was a very negative experience – they hid some information from us and brought us down a negative path.

What is concerning is that the IVF industry is not only not trying to find underlying causes of infertility, but is also misleading the population by saying that IVF is the only way for those struggling with infertility to conceive – and this couldn’t be further from the truth!  It was through this process that I was encouraged to become a practitioner myself.

The beauty of going through these experiences is that through them, we see that God always has a plan for us.  Had we not gone through that, I don’t know if I would be a practitioner and have really seen the value of this system and of NaProTechnology.  Once couples are finally able to be blessed with the Gianna Center, it is a breath of fresh air and an infusion of hope – it’s the way health care should be.  When you are ill and you go to a physician, you are putting your life in their hands, asking “what is wrong with me?” and at Gianna Centers, the person is accepted and what is truly underlying is found.

What transformation have you seen in the women you serve who learn the Creighton Model System?  How does it affect their lives?

My experience in teaching patients the Creighton Model has been very positive; from my side it is very exciting.  In the personalized one on one encounter, what I have found is that regardless of where they are faith-wise, they are always surprised over this approach and over how much information one can gather just on the observation of cervical mucus and in taking it to a NaPro doctor, using it as a navigational tool to get to the root of the problem.  It is an opportunity for them to share their story and their struggle and in that process, find out what’s going on with them.  It has been quite an honor.  The feeling that couples and individuals have for their fertility to be taken seriously and honored, is to achieve a true liberation.

Patients don’t at first realize how intricate and how layered their fertility is – it is like a domino effect: if one aspect is out of place, it will affect everything else.

The whole system is the cake, and the icing on the cake is the bonding and open communication that opens between husband and wife, totally opposed to how the IVF system pulls husband and wife apart in such an unnatural way.  This system, instead, opens up room for the Holy Spirit to enter the relationship and to communicate about their fertility together.

What, in your opinion, is the most beautiful part of serving these women as a practitioner?

It is unbelievably gratifying to serve these women and families.  Sometimes at the first or second follow-up, I will see a biomarker and get so excited because I know that it is a key to the answer that they have come here for – right away I can show them the proof of the value of the system.

The greatest part of my role is to be able to give them a sense of hope.  The majority of couples I have worked with do struggle with infertility, and often the Gianna Center is not their first stop.  So often they’re in a spot of hopelessness.  It is an amazing opportunity to remind them that there is always hope.  I get to share a bit of my story, and testify that God always has a plan.  I often feel like a detective.  I never felt there was an end – where the other doctors before the Gianna Center always had an end – IVF – because there was no other option.  But I share with my couples, that there is a Plan A, and if Plan A doesn’t work, we will take the information from Plan A, to Plan B, and to Plan C, and on.  There is always the hope of there being a next step, not an end.

Without the Gianna Center, I wouldn’t have my son and he is everything to me.  I’ll never forget when my son was a few weeks old, I was breastfeeding him and he opened my eyes and suddenly, I felt the deep love that God has for me through him.  I would not have experienced that without the Creighton Model and without the Gianna Center.