Dr. Nolte’s office + staff are warm and welcoming, very cozy.  It’s not your run-of-the-mill huge, sterile fertility clinic environment at all! Dr. Nolte sat with me for an hour, listened to ALL my rambling (whether it was helpful to her or not), asked me a variety of questions that no other doctor has ever asked me, and explained my body / hormones / systems / process to me very patiently and comprehensively.  She also has a system of typing her notes up in front of the patient, and you can see what she is typing on a bigger screen; I felt very involved in the doctor-patient relationship, and felt like she would have invited me to edit or correct what she was typing. Her clinical approach is different and less invasive than what you will find at a larger, brand-name clinic (I’ve been to that, too, and didn’t have the warmest, most attentive experience).  Her bedside manner and personality are different too — personalized, warm, attentive, unhurried.  I went home and told my husband it was the best, most pleasurable medical interaction I’ve ever had, and I immediately felt so much hope AND reduction in stress.

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