Immediately there was a warmth.  I loved it the second I went in, not only because I saw the relic of Saint Gianna, but because everyone was so kind.  I loved Dr. Nolte so much – Dr. Nolte went through my huge amount of medical records so thoroughly that she was reminding me of things that I was forgetting to tell her.  When I got to the Gianna Center, Dr. Nolte switched one medication, and it was in the first cycle I was tracking with her that I became pregnant.

From the beginning I felt comfort, safety, and trust.  I could trust that Dr. Nolte was on the same page as me.  I didn’t need to worry if the doctor would recommend something I would be uncomfortable with.

There is no agenda being pushed in the Gianna Center – the patients have a better sense of what is happening and why.  I love that the point of NaPro Technology is to restore health to the way it should be functioning – to the way we are created.  Sometimes I even forgot we were trying to have a baby, because I also knew it was for the good of my health – the healing that stopped the overly painful cycles, and other issues being addressed were things my body needed first and then enabled them to achieve pregnancy.