I was introduced to Gianna through an Opus Dei priest.  He suggested my giving Gianna a try.  I was interested in doing so because I was beginning to see how as persons of dignity, we cannot separate our physical, spiritual and emotional selves into compartments.  Society affects us and the way we treat our physical selves, which in turn can often leave us feeling fragmented, and this is how I was feeling about myself.

I first met with Dr. Kyle Beiter for a consultation.  It was just a conversation.  Dr. Beiter actively listened to my concerns and answered any and all questions I put forth.  No topic was off limits, no question “silly”, and I knew I was in a safe place.  His professional and compassionate approach put me at ease.  I felt comfortable, and armed with the information Dr. B. gave, I left feeling that I had been given time that was to become fruitful.

Dr. Beiter moved to New Jersey, so I have met with Dr. Nolte for the appointments since my first visit.  She is wonderful.  Kind, compassionate and down to earth.  Professional, direct and in no way “business-like”.  I believe Dr. Nolte is living out her vocation.  I am grateful for the existence of the Gianna Center.  The women in the office are kind, and I have experienced doctor offices where the staff’s ‘tone’ is so often rushed and all about the business.  That leaves the patient feeling like a customer.  In no way have I ever felt this in the Gianna Center.

Seeing the Crucifix on the wall, and seeing posters and books that allow women to see they are treated in a way that nurtures and supports integrally… it is allowing God into our midst.  He is there already.  But so often, ignored.  In Gianna, He is not denied, or marginalized.  He is embraced.  And that helps us become whole in a world where we are easily fractured.

Thank God for Gianna Center.